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Our History

For more than eight decades Silver Hill Hospital has been a powerful force for good in the treatment of mental disorders. Our legacy is our commitment to excellence, our exceptionally gifted and caring staff, our healing environment, and our unwavering commitment to proven treatments.

Highlights from Our Journey

Silver Hill Hospital

Silver Hill Hospital Opens

Dr. John Millet and Elvira Parsons, an English nurse, pool their resources and purchase property to create a psychiatric hospital. The first patient is admitted in December.

Silver Hill Hospital

Silver Hill Incorporates

Silver Hill Hospital becomes incorporated as a not-for-profit foundation, overseen by a Board of Directors.

Silver Hill Hospital

Silver Hill Grows

Silver Hill builds and acquires more properties, expanding its campus and patient programs.

Silver Hill Hospital

Silver Hill Receives Accreditation

First Joint Commission survey. Silver Hill receives full 3-year accreditation.

Silver Hill Hospital

Adolescent Unit Opens

Maximum of 20 patients permitted to maintain a small, supportive therapeutic environment.

Silver Hill Hospital

Modern Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program Initiated

AA incorporated into addiction treatment, and original research into the biological and psychological contributors to addiction begins.

Silver Hill Hospital

Day Treatment Begins

Silver Hill introduces first outpatient program.

Silver Hill Hospital

Acute Care Unit Opens

15-bed inpatient unit treats patients with mental health crises

Silver Hill Hospital

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Silver Hill begins specializing in this new approach to treatment.

Silver Hill Hospital

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Center Opens

Silver Hill opens one the few DBT residential programs available in the US.

Silver Hill Hospital

Renovation of Transitional Living Residences Completed

All residences meticulously updated and modernized.


Silver Hill is a nationally recognized, not-for-profit hospital for the treatment of psychiatric and addictive disorders, treating over 3,500 patients annually.

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