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The Silver Hill Institute

Our Mission

The mission of the Silver Hill Institute is to provide mental health providers education regarding the best available treatment of mental illness and addiction for every phase of illness and recovery, and to stimulate curiosity for ongoing, lifelong learning.

Our Vision

The vision of the Silver Hill Institute is to establish a helpful, lasting relationship with mental health providers interested in learning and advancing together the frontier of our field through continued scholarship.

Our Programs

1. Training Programs: All of our learners come together each week in a variety of settings. These include a Monday morning process group and a Wednesday morning didactic series to help form a sense of community for our trainees. Specific learning programs include:

a. Fellowship Program in Complex Psychiatric Disorders: Silver Hill Hospital provides the opportunity for 1-3 fellows/year to continue advanced learning toward certification in a number of modalities while developing specific areas of interest and expertise. The fellowship may last one or two years, and may come from the disciplines of psychology, psychiatry, social work, or nursing. Please click here to learn more.

b. Psychology Internship: Silver Hill Hospital offers a combined internship with the William Alanson White Institute coordinated through the Derner Consortium. Interns have completed necessary requirements from their PhD program. They join a community of learners creating a sense of a vibrant academic environment. Please click here for further information. 

c. Social Work and Mental Health Counseling Internship: The Social Work and Mental Health Counseling internship program is an intensive educational training program consisting of clinical experience at multi-levels of clinical care- inpatient, residential and outpatient. Interns work closely and collaboratively with their clinical supervisor to support their comprehensive experience in working with patients in individual, family, and group therapy. Interns participate throughout their internship in a weekly process training group and weekly educational lecture/discussion. The internship is multidisciplinary, with the interns interacting regularly with a variety of clinical staff and with psychology/psychiatry interns, fellows, and residents. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is one of the primary treatment modalities interns will be learning and working with, and this is complemented with education and training with other treatment approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Attachment Theory, Psychodynamic Therapy, Mentalization, Motivational Interviewing, and experiential techniques such as Psychodrama.

d. Fourth-Year Psychiatry Residency Rotation: Each year, one fourth-year psychiatry resident has the opportunity to spend the year learning at Silver Hill. Together with other learners from a variety of disciplines, they become active members of an educational community. Opportunities include inpatient acute care, residential treatment, and outpatient pharmacology and psychotherapy. The resident will receive expert instruction in psychodynamic psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, substance use treatment, and specific evidence based psychotherapy modalities including Transference Focused Psychotherapy, Mentalization Based Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy.

e. Medical Student Rotations: Advanced medical students and PA students can rotate through Silver Hill Hospital. They may have experiences on the inpatient units, the residential programs, or in the outpatient clinic. For information regarding the medical school program, email:

2. Grand Rounds Educational Program: The Silver Hill Institute is committed to providing state of the art lectures from esteemed faculty throughout the world on contemporary issues in mental health treatment. Grand Rounds occur on the second and fourth Wednesday from September through June from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM EST. Continuing education credits available to eligible participants. For further information, please click here.

3. Mental Health Resilience Collaborative: Silver Hill has a history of working with community partners to enhance resilience for those caring for others. This has included first responders in urban and rural settings, and currently includes mental health providers across the globe through unique, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) sponsored programs. To learn more about this program and the partnership with Project ECHO, click here.

4. Case Conference Program: Currently, all Silver Hill clinical staff are afforded the chance to participate in clinical case conferences. Continuing education credits available to eligible participants. Senior faculty lead a patient-based discussion aimed at facilitating ongoing learning, collaboration, and a sense of community for all who spend their time taking care of our patients.

5. Silver Hill Learning Programs: Virtual and in person workshops for mental health professionals are currently being planned – check back soon for details!

Help Us Grow

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