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Patient Outcomes

Silver Hill Hospital is committed to collecting data on every patient who comes here for care at admission, at regular intervals during treatment, and at the time of discharge. This enables us to provide real time feedback to patients and clinicians about individual recovery progress. Measurement-based care means that our clinicians use not only their clinical expertise and skills but benchmark their assessments against standardized measures. The use of outcomes data helps ensure highly individualized care for each patient, and the best results. Similarly, outcomes data allows Silver Hill Hospital to evaluate the success of our various levels of care and clinical programs and supports innovation and treatment advancements.

All 4 measures are internationally used standards for measurement of psychiatric symptoms along the full continuum of care

General Anxiety Disorder

The GAD-7 (General Anxiety Disorder – 7 item version) measures symptoms of anxiety which are central to a wide range of psychiatric difficulties and among the most common of all psychiatric symptoms.


Patient Health Questionnaire

The PHQ-9 (Patient Health Questionnaire – 9 item version) measures symptoms of depression. After anxiety, these are the most common symptoms described by patient with psychiatric difficulties.

Well-Being Index

WHO-5 (World Health Organization – Well-Being Index) is a broad measure of subjective well-being that captures a sense of how an individual is doing with respect to feeling cheerful, relaxed, vigorous, rested, and fulfilled.


Disability Assessment

The WHO-DAS (World Health Organization – Disability Assessment) screens for difficulties that a person may be having in everyday life due to the constraining impact of mental illness or addiction. These domains include thinking, mobility, self-care, interacting with others, life activities, and joining in community activities.


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